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Raven here.

Now I would like you all too know that me and Thaila are writers. 


Help the children

Hi Raven here! Now while Thaila (My best friend) is talking ‘bout animal abuse. I shall rave about child abuse.

Sites you can go to, to find out more child abuse:

[Please note that we are not sponsored by these sites.]

Help these poor dogs and puppies

Hi, Thalia here! I want to tell you about the animal shelter I volunteer at. Pets without Parents is the name of the place. Pets without Parents (or PWP) is a non-profit shelter that takes in cats and dogs. This week I am focusing on the dogs and puppies. One dog I sponsored was Ari. Ari was a very handsome Bernese Mountain dog mix. He had been at the shelter for over a year and I had felt so bad for him, I started donating money toward his adoption fee. Hoping that he would soon be adopted. Want his story? Here it is:

Ari came into PWP when he was a puppy and was soon adopted. Sadly, he was returned. Then, a few months later, he was adopted again. Would this be his forever home? Nope. He was returned only a few days after. The owner who had returned him said that he jumped fences and that was something she could not handle. Ari was now full grown and very big. I’ve only been volunteering since late 2009, and Ari was returned for the second time in early 2009. I felt so bad for him. I did everything I could to raise money for his adoption fee. Once I had earned fifty dollars, I donated it. Ari was soon adopted by one of the people on staff at PWP. I was filled with joy when I heard the news, but also sad. I would never get to see him again. But, I knew he was in a better place.